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Don’t You Dare Give Up

Yes, I am looking at you.

We all have problems.

Some of those problems are massive and terrifying, others are small and easily overcome.

Some people may exploit those problems to get the best or worst out of you. Maybe they’ll succeed, maybe they won’t.

You’re going to get punched in the mouth, knocked to the floor, and kicked while you’re down. Read the rest of this entry

The Best Information

“It’s all about who has the best information.”

Good decisions are usually made by those with access to good information. Be it from experience or connections, much of what we do is for information. That is probably the best use of time no matter what: cherishing what you have, or building to make it better. Better information almost always results in a job well done. Be it for interpersonal relationships or a task in the workplace, those with better information regarding the situation will almost certainly do a better job, assuming there is not a willful effort not to. People will do all sorts of crazy things in regards to information. Some will charge you a fee for certain information. Others will charge you simply for access to information. There exists still those who will charge you a premium for ‘better’ information. As media outlets and access changes and expands, and as input of information expands with it, the dynamic of access to, and distribution of information, is sure to change with it.

We’ll see what ends up giving.


“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

There are many comical sayings about mans ability to forecast future events. The best laid plans of mice and men, how to make God laugh, etc. From a statistical standpoint, compiling all the forecasters together is sure to yield some percentage that accurately foresaw some events. This inevitably creates the illusion of a contemporary Nostradamus that thinks one line of thinking is sure to yield the proverbial cheat-sheet to the timeline of human action. Read the rest of this entry

A Purpose

“A purpose is the eternal condition for success”.

That is the quote that sits on the front flap of the pictures in my wallet. The source? A fortune cookie I consumed many years ago. The quote stuck with me though, and I figured that I might as well save it if I found it to be that thought provoking. I couldn’t tell you exactly how many years ago I ran into it, or how many other duplicate quotes exist that convey the same message. The brevity of it is what made it a keeper. It’s hard to stick to anything without a strong sense of purpose attached to it. Call it whatever you like…conviction, dedication, zeal…you want to do well at something? Find a way to make it relevant to yourself, and get some skin in the game.

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