Don’t You Dare Give Up

Yes, I am looking at you.

We all have problems.

Some of those problems are massive and terrifying, others are small and easily overcome.

Some people may exploit those problems to get the best or worst out of you. Maybe they’ll succeed, maybe they won’t.

You’re going to get punched in the mouth, knocked to the floor, and kicked while you’re down.

None of this should be news to you. It can be found in countless inspirational speeches, most of which are easily found on YouTube or some other website. The reason I’m writing this now is because I feel like I can honestly relate to that sort of advice. Some of us are exposed to this type of wake-up call earlier than others, and some of us don’t actually feel the heat of it until later on in our lives. Regardless of when we feel we can relate, the lesson is usually taken and heeded; life is tough, and it’s going to be what you make of it.

We can only do so much about the world surrounding us. Our actual sphere of influence doesn’t go much wider than the few feet that physically exists beyond us. What we think, what we accept, and what we deny is all in our heads. Our actions may be dictated by those thoughts, but our actions can only go so far. Maximizing our sphere of influence is best done by maximizing ourselves. We are the best example of what we want to see in the world, and what we want out of it.

What is incredibly important to realize is that you are one among billions. You, the individual, are the ultimate minority. That being said, there are billions more like you…each one an individual, whether they are recognized and self-realized or not. Every action you make can be reciprocated by another individual utilizing their years of logic, experience, reasoning, and wants…the same methodology you probably used. Don’t fear cooperation, empathy, and mutual interest. Don’t fear going it alone, buckling down, or rugged individualism. There are many, many different ways to maximize voluntary and conscious actions. Just be ready. You are certainly not alone, but you are certainly unique…you just have to peel back the layers sometimes in order to see it. Everything can, and will, be thrown at you. You’ll fall down, and quite hard sometimes. Make sure you enable yourself to have something to help you get right back up.

Remember; You never know who is watching. They may find you and your mission as vital an inspiration as anything else out there. You are sure to be impacting more than just your own psyche.


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  1. Great words of inspiration Matt, you are wise beyond your years…

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